Outsourcing in the Philippines

The outsourcing and offshoring industry is one of the fastest growing business sectors in the Philippines. These are some of the fundamental reasons why:

Cost Savings

There is a substantial difference in the average daily wage for an employee in the Philippines compared to their equivalent Western and European counterpart. At an $8 daily average wage, the Philippines therefore represents significant overhead and labour cost saving opportunities.

Cebu when compared to Manila, where Supporting Enterprises operates, offer even greater advantage as Cebu has lower acquisition costs in labour and infrastructure. This enables Supporting Enterprises to pass on the cost saving benefits to clients.

Literacy and Education

The literacy rate amongst adults in the Philippines is 94%. Filipinos are required to complete a 12 year compulsory education and from this there is an estimated 410,000 annual university graduates (UNESCO, NASSCOM, SourcingLine, 2009) from first rate educational institutions, providing a pool of highly educated and quality employees.

Culture and Communication

The Filipino workers culture is greatly influenced by its former colonizers Spain and America, resulting in a richly diverse population which is adaptive and broadminded. Governed by America until the mid-1940's, the Philippines culture is also heavily influenced by the American work ethic and are described as hardworking, highly skilled, motivated and particularly customer service orientated employees. Further to the cultural advantages, the Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world and Filipino employees communicate exceedingly well with a high proficiency of verbal and written English and an American-to-neutral accent.

Geographical Location and Political Stability

The location of the Philippines and in particular, Cebu, is less prone to natural disasters allowing for a stable and safe working environment. Equally, long standing corruption is being filtered out with the new government.

Government Support and Infrastructure

The Philippines government proactively invests in initiatives and infrastructure to achieve and sustain growth in the IT & Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector.

The government through the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), set up special economic zones, to encourage direct foreign investment and trade. Companies, who are PEZA registered and approved like us, are provided with government grant concessions in the form of a 4 or 8 year income tax holiday. As a result of government support the Philippines is now one of the fastest growing economy in Asia second only to China with a GDP of 7.2% in 2013.

Time Zone

A major advantage between the Philippines and Australia is similar time zone.

- Same time zone with Western Australia (except when its day light savings)

- Two (2) or three (3) hour time difference to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland


Same time zone with Western Australia (except when its day light savings)


Two (2) or three (3) hour time difference to Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland

Because Supporting Enterprises operates 24/7, time difference for our US and European clients, is not a factor as remote staff are able to work on client prescribed working schedules.